Innovation of municipal street lamps in Yu'an District, Lu'an, Anhui

In order to promote the green and low-carbon transformation of public institutions, Yu'an District, Lu'an City, Anhui Province innovated and applied the trusteeship contract energy management model, and cooperated with China Tower Lu'an Branch to implement the "Light Network" transformation project. Through cloud technology and Internet of Things technology carry out all-round, refined and intelligent energy-saving management and control for each street lamp and related equipment, and realize the digital management mode of "energy saving and consumption reduction, intelligent management and control, and safety management" of urban lighting.

Innovation of municipal street lamps in Yu'an District, Lu'an, Anhui

As night comes, Chengnan Town is filled with joyful and harmonious atmosphere. The streets and alleys are very bright after the renovation of street lights. People who are exercising freely dance square dances in the open space on the side of the road. The small vendors are warmly receiving customers. According to the introduction of local citizens, the street lights after the transformation are obviously much brighter. "It's pretty good now, bright. Now that energy-saving lamps have been replaced, children can see them wherever they play. It's really good." said Wu Lei, a citizen who was playing with his children.

It is understood that through hosting services, China Tower Lu'an Branch invested more than 15 million yuan at one time in the early stage to build a municipal street lamp Internet of Things management platform, and upgraded and transformed more than 10,000 high-pressure sodium lamps into high-performance LEDs in Chengnan Town, High-tech Zone and Hepingqiao plate. For lamps and lanterns, a single lamp controller is added to each street lamp, and a centralized controller is added to the power distribution cabinet. Potential safety hazards, significantly improve the level of urban lighting management, achieve the effect of energy saving and consumption reduction, and the comprehensive power saving rate exceeds 50%. "The street lights we replaced not only have better lighting effects, but also realize the single-light control in the background. The staff can check the lighting status and operation status of each light through computers and mobile phones, which has changed the traditional mode of manual night inspection. The efficiency of daily management and maintenance has been greatly improved. At the same time, our street lights can also automatically adjust the power and illuminance of street lights according to the lighting needs of each road, and can also realize the lighting of cross lights and the turn off of auxiliary road lights in the middle of the night. The secondary energy saving will further reduce the city's lighting energy consumption." Li Penghui, deputy manager of the energy department of Lu'an Branch of China Tower, said.


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