Rural lighting project warms villagers' hearts

As night fell, 301 brand-new solar street lamps were gradually lit up on the roads and lanes of Shuangluo Village, Changjiao Village, Dadian Village and Xishan Village, Dongshan Town, Raoping County, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province. The darkened village was suddenly lit up, and the faces of the villagers were filled with happy smiles.

Rural lighting project warms villagers' hearts

At the beginning of this year, when the working team visited the villages and households, the villagers generally reported that some village roads and alleyways did not have street lights, which brought inconvenience to the villagers when they went out at night, and there were also hidden dangers to traffic safety. Zhang Zitang, Secretary of the General Party Branch of Shuangluo Village, said: "Many lanes in Shuangluo Village do not have street lights, and it is inconvenient for villagers to travel at night. Although we have been trying to find a solution, due to limited funds in the village, we have not been able to solve it for a long time."

After understanding the situation, the work team actively contacted and mobilized caring companies to donate solar street lights through the activity of "Thousands of Enterprises Help Thousands of Towns, Ten Thousands of Enterprises Prosper Ten Thousands of Villages". At the same time, actively organize the rear party organizations to carry out paired assistance, and implement the "secretary project" to solve some of the costs of street lamp transportation and installation. In addition, actively mobilize caring people and village sages to donate funds, and encourage local villages with economic conditions to properly raise funds for street lamp installation. Through the leadership of the party building and the joint efforts of multiple parties, we can effectively solve the problem of villagers' difficulty in traveling at night.

Through more than three months of joint efforts, recently, a total of 301 solar street lights have been put into use in the first batch of "brightening projects" in Shuangluo Village, Changjiao Village, Dadian Village, and Xishan Village, with a total project value of about 749,500 yuan.


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