Jiangsu Province takes the lead in launching urban lighting information management

At present, Jiangsu Province has taken the lead in launching urban lighting information management work. This data network covering urban lighting management in 13 cities across the province is “woven” by Changzhou Urban Lighting Management Office. Next, this "net" will cover the whole country.

Jiangsu Province takes the lead in launching urban lighting information management

It is understood that with the development of the economy and society, the urban lighting work in all parts of China has achieved remarkable results, the number of lighting facilities has increased, the energy saving effect has been obvious, and new products, new technologies and new methods of urban lighting have been widely used. However, from a national perspective, these fruitful results need to be reflected in more reliable quantitative data.

In order to timely, complete and accurate statistics, analysis and research of urban lighting data, so as to accurately grasp the construction and operation of urban lighting, more effectively carry out urban and rural lighting integration development, urban green lighting evaluation and assessment, the Ministry of Housing and Construction in 2016 The project of urban lighting statistics system and data center construction was launched in the year. Based on the solid foundation and outstanding innovation capability of Changzhou City Lighting Management, the project was handed over to the Municipal Urban Lighting Management Office and completed in March 2017.

The results of this project have comprehensively combed and standardized the urban lighting statistical indicators, and proposed the "Internet +" urban lighting statistical innovation model, which basically formed the "urban lighting statistical system" system framework, and simultaneously completed the "urban lighting information system." Prototype development work.

Judging from the situation in Jiangsu Province taking the lead in launching urban lighting information management, data filling has effectively improved the scientific nature of management decisions. The five categories of 64 indicators in the urban lighting information system fully reflect the “what, what, and how” urban lighting. The statistical analysis of these urban lighting data not only can directly reflect the current status of green lighting construction, but also look forward to the development trend of urban lighting, and provide “big data” basis for scientific decision-making of urban lighting.


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