Jilin Province "Technical Standards for Urban Lighting Engineering" successfully passed the review

On August 10, 2023, the Jilin Provincial Construction Standardization Management Office organized a review of the Jilin Provincial Engineering Construction Local Standard "Urban Lighting Engineering Technical Standards" compiled by the Changchun Urban Lighting Management Center and the China Planning Institute (Beijing) Planning and Design Co., Ltd. meeting. The Jilin Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Department, the Provincial Construction Standardization Management Office, review experts, and members of the compilation team participated in the review meeting. From Jilin Provincial Building Energy Conservation Association, Jilin Provincial Survey and Design Association, Jilin Provincial Jianyuan Design Group Co., Ltd., Jilin Jianzhu University Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., Jilin Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., Jinghe Design Group Co., Ltd., Jilin Jianzhu University 7 experts form an expert group.

Jilin Province "Technical Standards for Urban Lighting Engineering" successfully passed the review

At the review meeting, the editor-in-chief of the "Technical Standards for Urban Lighting Engineering" reviewed from the perspectives of standardizing the green and low-carbon development of urban lighting projects, unifying relevant technical requirements, and ensuring the scientificity, normativeness and operability of urban lighting construction and management. The background, significance, preparation process and various parameters and indicators in the standard are explained one by one. Finally, the expert group listened to and reviewed the review draft and preparation instructions submitted by the standard preparation group. After full discussion, they put forward two revision opinions. One is to further improve the relevant content of renewable energy utilization; the other is to increase the DC power distribution system. related content.

In the next step, it is suggested that the standard preparation group further revise and improve the draft for review according to the revision opinions put forward by the review meeting, and form a draft for approval as soon as possible.


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