Kaohsiung was replaced by LED lights at the end of the year

Kaohsiung City street lights will have a new look, Kaohsiung City Labor Office said that the city has 230,000 baht, has replaced about 115,000 baht for LED lights, the remaining 12 million pieces, is expected to be issued at the end of August this year, next January It is necessary to start all work in one year.

Kaohsiung was replaced by LED lights at the end of the year

The Kaohsiung City Labor Office said that the total number of street lights in Kaohsiung City was 230,000 baht. In the past three or four years, the central government subsidized 1 billion yuan to replace 110,000 baht of traditional street lamps for energy-saving LED street lights. After the replacement, the electricity was saved every year. About 95 million kWh of electricity consumption, saving about 130 million yuan in electricity costs, can also reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 50,000 metric tons per year.

The Labor Department said that the street lamp electricity fee in Kaohsiung City has been declining year by year after the continuous replacement of energy-saving LED street lamps. Compared with last year and 103 years, it has reduced electricity costs by about 130 million yuan. It is obvious that there is indeed a power-saving effect after replacing LED lights.

However, even so, the electricity cost of street lamps in Kaohsiung City is still very high. Like the street lamp electricity fee of about 320 million yuan last year, the continued replacement of energy-saving LED street lamps is the primary task of saving the financial expenditure of Kaohsiung City.

To this end, in addition to the full replacement of the city's LED street lights, the Kaohsiung City Government will refer to the spirit of the UK and Japan PFI (Private Finance Initiative), combined with service performance and payment mechanism, to support the installation of LEDs after the implementation of the saved electricity costs The cost of street lamps has been promoted in New Taipei City. Under the premise of not increasing the budget in the public sector, electricity consumption will be reduced.

The Kaohsiung City Works Bureau established the PFI Professional Promotion Team, which is expected to complete the planning before the end of this year. It takes about one year to fully replace the LED lamps. In addition to the complete replacement of LED street lights, the Kaohsiung PFI program will also evaluate the establishment of intelligent systems. It is necessary to consider the cost of building wired transmission equipment and communication. After the implementation, it will have active notification of lighting failures and maintenance of the control center to reduce the maintenance manpower of the government funding.


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