LED lamps are listed in the 2019 annual implementation of corporate standards leaders key areas

Recently, in order to implement the "Opinions of the Eighth Department of the State Administration of Markets on the implementation of the "leaders" system for enterprise standards" (National Municipal Supervision Standard [2018] No. 84), the General Administration of Market Supervision, in conjunction with the relevant departments of the State Council, Industrial development is in line with the needs of consumers, taking into account the open standards of self-declaration of corporate standards, consumer attention, the effect of standards on product and service quality improvement, and the differentiation of corporate products and services into Chengdu, and research and development of the "2019 implementation of enterprise standards" "Key Areas" and announced. The "LED lamps" in the key areas, including the lighting industry, have an important role in cultivating a group of innovative pioneering enterprises in the lighting industry and helping the industry to push the supply-side structural reforms, which is conducive to promoting China's lighting industry to the global value chain. High-end and high-end, better meet the people's growing needs for a better life.

LED lamps are listed in the 2019 annual implementation of corporate standards leaders key areas

The enterprise standard “leaders” system is a series of encouraging policies that lead the way through high-level standards, increase the effective supply of high-end products and services, and support high-quality development. The system is based on the self-declaration of the product and service standards of the enterprise. By playing a leading role in the market, the third-party evaluation agencies such as standardization technical institutions, industry associations, industry alliances, and platform-based enterprises are mobilized to carry out enterprise standard level assessment and determine enterprise standards. "The leader", to create a market atmosphere of "production to see the lead, consumption and lead", so as to lead the standard to promote the continuous improvement of product and service quality, and guide the market resources to gradually lean toward the leader.


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