LED color management system and light source color rendering

LED color management system and light source color rendering

(1) RGB color mixing system, through the color combination of different color LEDs to achieve more rich and beautiful colors, through the red (R), green (G), blue (B) three color channels and their mutual The superposition of the colors to obtain a wide variety of colors allows for the mixing of any color. At present, more color mixing methods are constantly appearing, RGBW color mixing can ensure white light brightness while achieving color mixing of any color; RGBA color mixing can provide more color mixing; even 5, 7 more colors of color mixing have appeared, Achieve higher quality white light and richer colors.

(2) HsIc color system, using H, s, I, c four parameters to describe the color characteristics, where H defines the wavelength of the color, called the hue, measured by angle, the value range is 0 ° ~ 360 °, start from red Calculated counterclockwise, red is 0°, green is 120°, and blue is 240°. Their complementary colors are: 60° for yellow, 180° for cyan, and 300° for magenta; s indicates the degree of lightness, called saturation, in the range of 0.0 to 1.0. The more saturated; I represents intensity or brightness, ranging from 0 (black) to 255 (white); c is the color temperature, which is a physical quantity used to define the color of the light source. That is, when a black body is heated to a temperature, and the color of the light emitted is the same as the color of the light emitted by a certain light source, the temperature at which the black body is heated is referred to as the color temperature of the light source, referred to as the color temperature.

(3) ccs intelligent color management system, ccs intelligent color management system based on the three primary color parameter illumination and (x, y) color coordinates as the benchmark to accurately control the color of LED lamps. The ccs technology carrier is a high-precision high-tech chip. Its working principle is to sample the light wavelength, illuminance, xy axis color coordinate, color temperature and other data, and correct the deviation by the color consistency algorithm. The final light color will be presented. The ccs intelligent color management system can effectively solve the problems that may occur in the current LED lamps after leaving the factory. It is of epoch-making significance for the LED lamps in terms of light quality. It can make the data of the LED luminaires more accurately corrected, and save all the data. As a powerful heart of the LED luminaire, the product can realize the unique artistic temperament and charm, become the magic pen in the designer, and sketch out the perfection. Landscape art illustration. The ccs intelligent color management system is the perfect combination of hardware and software, a unique black technology with an era.


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