Swedish vertical farm buys LED growth lights from Heliospectra

On August 8, Heliospectra, the leader in greenhouse smart lighting technology, announced that Ljusgarda AB, a Swedish vertical agricultural company, has placed an order worth 1.3 million kronor (about RMB 950,000) to Heliospectra to purchase Heliospectr's LED lighting solutions. .

Swedish vertical farm buys LED growth lights from Heliospectra

Ljusgarda AB is located in Tibur, Sweden. The company changed a local old factory to a 7,000 square meter state-of-the-art indoor controlled environment factory that produces more than 1,000 tons of food per year. These crops will be planted in hydroponic vertical. In the cultivation tower, combined with the most advanced energy-saving LED lighting, it is completely free of pesticides.

Andreas Wilhelmsson, CEO of Ljusgarda AB, said, “Our goal is to produce delicious and high-quality vegetables that our customers can eat with confidence. During the planting period, no pesticides are required and the water consumption is low. It is 100% renewable energy. Since the product is Produced locally, so long-term transportation and emissions are avoided."

He also said that “Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) allows us to control all aspects of the growing environment, including nutrition, moisture, temperature, light, etc. In this environment, using Heliospectra's plant growth lamps, you can adjust different spectra. To meet the growth needs of different crops, to achieve high quality and quality throughout the year."

It is reported that Heliospectra will be shipped during the third and fourth quarters of 2018.


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