LED driver power test solution

The LED driver power test project includes a series of parameters such as AC input range, power efficiency, power factor, ripple and noise, start and hold time, rise time, overload protection, over voltage protection, and electromagnetic compatibility in the LED driver power performance specifications. The LED driving power supply belongs to the switching converter, so the energy and power factor of the distortion waveform need to be accurately measured during the energy efficiency test; and the measuring instrument is required to have sufficient bandwidth to avoid the measurement error caused by the high frequency current component being filtered out.

LED driver power test solution

The standby power consumption of the LED driver should not be greater than 1W. The standby test power consumption needs to measure the mA current, and requires high-precision measurement capability with small signal current. The test power supply needs to be able to provide a stable power supply, and can simulate power supply anomalies, such as frequency or voltage changes, and has perfect protection to meet the test requirements.

According to the test items and requirements, a typical LED test solution can be built. As shown in Figure 1, the LED drive power test solution includes:

Test power supply: AC variable frequency power supply PWR2000W

Measuring instrument: PA series power analyzer / power meter

LED load simulator

The AC drive power supply PWR2000W, PA series power analyzer/power meter and load simulation device are used to build the LED drive power test system, which can meet the test requirements for various technical indicators of LED drive power. For example, PA310 single-phase power meter input bandwidth can be up to 300kHz, basic power accuracy is 0.10%, and the lowest current gear is 5mA, which can fully meet the test requirements of LED drive power standby power consumption, energy efficiency and other parameters.

PWR2000W has high stable output, the highest output frequency can reach 1000Hz, support power supply abnormal simulation, output phase can be set to meet the requirements of LED drive power for test power supply function and performance. The following table shows the basic function parameters of PWR2000W:

For example, the AC variable frequency power supply PWR2000W can flexibly set the initial phase of the output voltage, for example, 90° or 270° to meet the requirements of the input surge test. As shown in Figure 2, the set output start phase is 90°.

In addition, the AC variable frequency power supply PWR2000W can flexibly realize the simulation of various abnormal wave forms by providing line simulation output and sequence output function, and provides a test interface conforming to the requirements of IEC 61000-4-11 and other standards through the host computer software PWR Controller. Convenient power supply immunity test for LED drive power input ports.


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