China's first batch of explosion-proof flexible LED lighting devices officially put into use

On May 25th, the Information R&D Center of Fushun Stone Chemical Construction Company delivered 500 sets of explosion-proof flexible LED lighting devices to the construction unit, marking the official use of the first batch of explosion-proof flexible LED lighting devices in China. The limited space construction lighting of petrochemical plants has achieved intrinsic safety.

China's first batch of explosion-proof flexible LED lighting devices officially put into use

The device is easy to carry, has a thickness of less than 2 mm, and is wireless, shadowless, stroboscopic, and can be bent at will. After folding, it can be put into the pocket and can be used when it is unfolded. Even at a low temperature of minus 25 degrees Celsius, it can meet the lighting operation of 10 square meters for more than 7 hours.

In addition, the device is fire and explosion proof. The power supply is a two-cell lithium battery, and each battery has a “protection device”. Once the current is too large and the battery is overheated, the “protection device” is automatically turned on and the battery stops supplying power. National explosion-proof safety regulations, operating in flammable and explosive containers, the lighting voltage is usually less than 12 volts, the maximum voltage of this device is only 7.4 volts, the circuit is intrinsically safe design. Even if the battery is accidental, the "reel" and drive unit made of explosion-proof materials are explosion-proof and flame retardant. The triple protection inside and outside ensures the safety of the lighting device. According to the technology and product search, this equipment is a new safety lighting device in the domestic petrochemical industry, and has applied for national patents.

It has been tried by the construction company Dalian West Pacific maintenance site. The device not only meets the needs of safe operation lighting, but also realizes the actual needs of the site such as portable, easy installation, fireproof, explosion-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof and flicker-free lighting.


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