LED filament lamp in the next three years usher in high growth

With the incandescent lamp sales, as well as the recent standardization of LED filament lamp production specifications, 2017 global LED filament lamp production rose rapidly, the market penetration continued to expand, according to data estimates, 2017 global LED filament market will reach 56.6 Billion, the annual growth of 95%, and is expected to 2017 ~ 2020 global LED filament market scale of the annual growth rate of up to 47.7%, showing high-speed growth.

LED filament lamp in the next three years usher in high growth

According to Gooread published in May 2017 data statistics, 2015 global LED filament lamp market demand has reached more than 7000 million, an increase of 376%. 2016, LED filament lamp market total of about 250 million; 2017 LED filament lamp market total capacity will reach 4-5 million only.

From the recent global LED bulb price statistics, the overall market prices continue to decline, LED filament light to become the focus of European and American lighting brand pushing the promotion of products, Philips and OSRAM 2017 in the LED filament fierce confrontation, almost every two months On the introduction of new products, and promotional prices are almost closer to the second-line lighting brand factory.

2017, LED filament lamp hot demand has been spread from Europe and the United States all the way to Asia, even in South America and the Middle East market is also greatly increased, as the market sales highlights.

Industry insiders pointed out that the third quarter into the traditional lighting off-season, but the second half of the LED filament lamp is still the main market to promote the current mainstream product luminous flux of about 450lm below, generally used in churches, commercial space, restaurants, hotels used LED Candle lights and other decorative lighting.

China's domestic filament market is emerging from low-quality, low-cost vicious competition. Electric shops and small convenience supermarkets direct sales of light, planing to the brokers, channels of high commission, so that the advantages of a large price of light to enter the hundreds of millions of users, so that filament lights quickly in the commercial and landscape lighting use.


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