LED flood light by the outdoor lighting of all ages

LED flood light, according to the literal meaning of understanding is to cast out the light and shadow, as the light-emitting light more intensive, according to the spot light illuminated by the surface brightness is higher than the surrounding environment, so the projector is also known as LED spotlights or LED spotlight, The English name is LED Flood Light. LED light is built-in micro-chip to control the scope and intensity of light.

Now according to the power is divided into two categories of products, one is the use of power-type chip portfolio, its performance is relatively stable, more suitable for small-scale exposure. Another type of single-chip high-power, its huge structure, can be a large area of ??long-range cast light irradiation.

LED flood light by the outdoor lighting of all ages

LED flood light main features are:

1, according to use, you can design a variety of applications support, so that LED light can be adjusted in any direction. And easy to install.

2, the integration of thermal design, than the general structure design to increase the cooling area of ??80%, to ensure that the LED luminous efficiency and service life; lamps designed to increase the cooling airflow channel.

3, than the average LED lights have a greater dimming angle, the use of more flexible.

4, a special waterproof design, the introduction of additional internal rain trough, a special process circuit boards, even if the water does not affect the use of lamps.

LED Flood Light Application:

Since the projecting light can be aimed at any direction, and have no impact on the weather conditions of the structure, making it a wide range of applications. There are: large-scale workplace mine, building outline, stadium, overpass, monuments, parks and flower beds. Often used outside the large area LED lighting can be called LED flood light. Therefore, LED spot light is LED outdoor lighting star products, Bai special lighting production LED flood light, good quality and high efficiency, by the majority of users of all ages.


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