US Super Bowl venue for the first time enabled LED lighting

Qualite, a maker of well-known sports lighting equipment, announced the completion of a lighting retrofit project at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona on January 29. The system uses 312 Q-LED projectors for a total of 75% illumination. After the transformation of the stadium will serve as the 2015 US Super Bowl Super Bowl football course.

US Super Bowl venue for the first time enabled LED lighting

As a light can be broadcast with the top events, Q-LED cast light set must provide to meet the international high-definition video broadcast required by the stable, accurate, no stroboscopic performance, the single lamp maximum 1000 watts, 115,000 lumens luminous flux Of the powerful features to ensure that digital and slow camera access to natural conditions such as sunny day under the same lighting effects.

At the same time, through the use of wired and wireless digital control system, you can achieve 4000K-6500K range of color temperature adjustment, creating a unique atmosphere of the unique comfort.

On the power supply, Q-LED project light supports 208VAC, 240VAC, 277VAC, 347VAC, 480VAC and other voltage specifications, the power efficiency is greater than 94%, power factor greater than 0.95, THD <15%, with 10kV surge protection.

"This is fantastic," says Peter Sullivan of the University of Phoenix, Arizona. "The new fixtures are performing well in many ways. These lights are super slow enough to capture, and the clarity they provide is incredible."

According to foreign media reports, this Super Bowl venue will be the first to enable LED lighting, rather than the traditional metal halide lamp. The University of Phoenix Stadium - home of the Arizona Cardinals and Super Bowl - was last year equipped with LED lighting. As the LED brightness is higher than the old lamps, so the stadium only need to install 312 LED lights, and replace the original installation in the stadium of the 780 old metal halide lamp.

It should be noted that the University of Phoenix Stadium is not the first deployment of LED lighting venues, because the NRG Stadium is. As the Houston Texans (Houston Texans) at home, it is also installed this season, a new lighting.

Finally, one of the biggest advantages of LED lighting is the instant light, rather than the traditional lamps and lanterns that need half an hour as "warm-up" time (to achieve the best brightness).


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