LED Grow Light Market Scale Forecast

LED Grow Light, the popular products in Japan and South Korea, begin to receive attention. LED Grow Light sales market are concentrated in Japan, Korea, America, Europe and other persons engaged in agriculture fewer countries and regions. However, with the enhancement of LED Grow light penetration, the Chinese market into the outbreak. According to the survey, the global LED grow light output value in 2013 is beginning to show rapid growth, the output value of the scale, although only ten million US dollars, but in 2016 will exceed the estimated $ 35 million in 2017 and more are expected to challenge $ 300 million.

LED Grow Light Market Scale Forecast

What is LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Light lamp is a kind of a plant, which is to LED (light emitting diode) as a light source, in accordance with the law of the growth of plants must require sunlight, with light instead of sunlight to plant growth and development environments A lamp. Plant Factory originated in the pigment, the result of poor management, until the 21st century, due to the growing greenhouse effect was renewed public attention. 1957 Denmark due to lack of sunshine hinder the development of plant growth, and later Japan, the United States, the Netherlands have invested, however, the high cost, lack of skills, experience, etc. due to poor

LED Grow Light Replacement Light Source

Plant Factory demands artificial light is substituted with natural light, the plants were moved indoors from outdoors, plant growth from environmental changes. Effect of plant growth more environmentally friendly energy-saving lamp, LED grow lights providing the plant photosynthesis, promote plant growth, flowering and fruiting plant to shorten the time and improve production! In the modernization drive, it is essential to crop products.

LED Grow Light instead of natural light, plant growth period may be shortened 1/3

Growing vegetables can be subject to seasonal restrictions, originally 15 days as long as five days ripe vegetables can be harvested, which is a typical case with LED grow light irradiation to promote plant growth. Plant photosynthesis can be 16 hours a day, but the time is very limited natural light, so plants grow slowly. But if the LED grow light is powered, sustainable supplement to the plant illumination with LED grow light to replace the natural light, the fastest maturing vegetables can reduce 1/3, can increase output.


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