Xi Jinping visited the LED plant factory

June 3, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary and State President and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping in Beijing Exhibition Center to visit the national "five" scientific and technological innovation Exhibition. 9:30 am, Xi Jinping came to Beijing Exhibition Center, visit the "five-second" Technological Innovation Exhibition. Intelligent LED plant factory, Xi Jinping stopped to watch carefully, and asked in detail about growing vegetables, and growth.

Xi Jinping visited the LED plant factory

Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of Agricultural Environment and Sustainable Development Environmental Engineering Research Office, its length researcher Yang teacher President Xi introduced the plant factory technology.

Xi spoke highly of the plant factory, plant factory can be used to solve the livelihood problems, desert planting and other aspects, benefits the country is a good product.

Despite the focus on Xi Jinping Plant Factory inspiring, but people also need to understand the current status of lighting plant lighting industry.


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