LED home lighting smart times

  As early as ten years ago, installed the voice in the corridor lights have successfully opened a new era of intelligent lighting . When someone passes , sensitive to sound, natural lighting lights lit ; unattended mode light is off , so saving and convenient. Of course , this is only the most simple application smart lighting means , in practice, real smart lighting is far more complicated than this . Popular terms , led intelligent lighting is not simply replace the traditional lighting , but the controllability of LED-based products , combined with advanced communication , sensing, cloud computing and other modern technological means, the lighting is more intelligent , more able create a comfortable space .

 LED home lighting smart times

  Popular intelligent LED lighting concept mainly two: First, by sensing changes in light , so light to adapt to people ; Second light for the transmission medium , the human body as acceptable . led intelligent lighting control , including switching , dimming, light mixing or color (cct) adjustment applications and so on. If LED lighting is a dazzling crown, then the LED intelligent lighting is the most shining crown the pearl , is an effective means of enterprises to create profits , but also the competition in the market truly "Blue Ocean ."

  Simply put , the application of this program allows the user through mobile phones, relaxed home environment lighting control systems , and to facilitate the conduct brightness, color , effects, etc. The regulator on a variety of functions and can even be controlled via mobile phone music light shading . The essence of this program , only through wireless communication system, smart phones and LED lighting organically combine together in order to achieve a real sense of product innovation.


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