LED Indoor Lighting applications

  There are a wide variety of LED indoor lighting, such as LED spotlights, LED PAR light, LED flood light, LED fluorescent lamp, LED RGB light and so on products. Different LED lamp has a different function and application environments.


  1, High-grade specialized stores, shopping malls and other indoor commercial lighting atmosphere using LED Spotlights, LED spotlights.

  LED spotlight energy saving, no UV, meet some businesses show personalized light environment psychology, became some businesses for some special products of choice for light; its full spectrum color range is very suitable contrast stores and shopping centers atmosphere, LED light source in the local lighting, accent lighting and area lighting advantages, is able to create other traditional lighting electric light unmatched quality light environment, ideal for commercial lighting. At this time, the price has become a secondary consideration.

  2, Entertainment, beauty salon lighting

  Full color LED integrated light source and easy to control, you can create both static and dynamic lighting effects, from white to a full spectrum of any color, rendering the atmosphere to a strong entertainment, LED lamps to the emergence of this type of space environment on the indoor design new ideas.

  3, Bars, cafes and other leisure places atmosphere lighting

  LED stage lights, small size, solid state lighting, gave lighting manufacturers unlimited play space, you can make all kinds of different styles of professional and LED full spectrum of any color and make it static and dynamic lighting effects and manufacturing decorative mood function in this class place vividly.

  4, Museums, art galleries and other places of professional lighting applications LED Spotlight

  Museums, art galleries and other places belonging to the lighting environment requires a higher special occasions, special requirements of their display items of lighting without ultraviolet radiation, no thermal radiation. LED is a cold light source, the light does not contain ultraviolet and fully meet the museums, art galleries Particular requirements for lighting.

  5, Commercial theater, TV studio dance and photography stage lighting

  6, hotel, hotel lighting

  Hotels, guesthouses lighting using LED lamps, LED bulbs, or in the lobby, led flood light, or fluorescent lights in the room, to the customer to bring a different feel, in addition to energy savings outside, but also full of luxury and Warm the owners, to create a personalized light environment can fully demonstrate corporate strength.

  7, Meeting rooms, multi-purpose hall lighting

  Intelligent control of LED lighting color adjustable, can be adjusted according to meeting content in different conference rooms or multi-purpose hall lighting environment, serious or lively and can be freely set, LED intelligent lighting to meet different light environment theme requirements.

  8, LED stage lights exhibitions, fashion shows, lighting

  Exhibitions, fashion shows are a business to showcase their products and services space. For businesses, in order to better attract customers, merchandising and eventually reached an agreement, they need personalized light environment to showcase their products and services, LED stage lights lighting in exhibitions and fashion shows come in handy.

  9, Living room and home theater lighting

  The use of LED light color to contrast a warm, harmonious and warm waves of sentiment, reflecting the comfortable, casual atmosphere.


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