How to choose LED lights

  In LED indoor lighting, we use a variety of LED lamps, LED lamps of different effects are not the same, so how to choose the right LED lighting is the most important. ENELTEC details for you how to choose LED lights.

How to choose LED lights

  LED floor lamps: Divide space is a good helper floor lamps are able for the room to create a lively and cozy atmosphere, if you want a room for spatial partitioning, but do not want to use physical partition, then use floor lamps to divide the space will be a good choice . Forming a floor lamp and lighting "stealth blocking", both separated by a space, but also to ensure the integrity and permeability of the entire room. In addition, it will also make the room feel bigger in some of the visual effects.

  LED spotlight: illuminate home library in the living room, there will always be some of the more fragmented the corner space, because often there is no specific area bookcase lighting, the brightness of the room at night sometimes difficult to take into account the local bookcase, looking a book becomes less convenient. Top of the bookcase plus certain lights provide illumination for the spotlight can be a good solution to this problem. Meanwhile, the light emitted bookcase spotlights for this piece of small spaces to create a serene atmosphere.

  LED reading light: During our reading, people want to have a peaceful private area, not bothered by others, it will not affect the family rest. Reading lights just to meet people that desire. Reading lamp suitable for display on a sofa on one side, as a supplement when reading light. Reading light poles free deformation is very convenient to use, it is most suitable to be placed in the bedroom nightstand.

  LED TV backlight: make the eyes more comfortable at night because the room brightness is not high, watching TV when the screen always feel some dazzling - in TV mounted on the back of long thin backlight, this problem can be solved the. It allows people to watch TV when the eyes more comfortable.

  LED Flood light: Using the led flood light more artistic furnishings direct a unique feature that can increase the sense of fashion, elegance and a sense of three-dimensional, so that your living room is full of drama.

  To make display of antique sculptures or more three-dimensional sense of accumulation point available ceiling lights, the lamps are mounted on the ceiling above items to more intense light exposure at the top of the article, the article contrasts curve distinct shadow sculpture silhouette becomes more clear and have a strong three-dimensional. Highlighting the decorative wall painting, interior ornaments, etc., can be irradiated with a cold light cup, this white light according to different decoration style changes, and fashion consistent.


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