LED intelligent lighting enterprise technology is king

In the field of smart lighting, in addition to the active participation of traditional lighting companies, many smart lighting brands have also emerged, such as Yilai. Although professional smart lighting brands do not have as deep a resource accumulation as traditional lighting brands, they also have unique advantages.

LED intelligent lighting enterprise technology is king

Firstly, with business focus, professional intelligent lighting brands can go deeper into the field of intelligent lighting. Different from other types of participants, the business of professional smart lighting brands is more focused, which means that they can devote the most resources to the field of smart lighting for product polishing and research and development. At the same time, focusing on a single field also allows smart lighting brands to gain a more accurate insight into user needs, and based on this, quickly improve and upgrade products, or launch customized products to meet more user needs, thereby enhancing user experience, recognition and stickiness.

Secondly, the professional intelligent lighting brand has a deep technical reserve, which has laid a foundation for its research and development of intelligent lighting products. Intelligence is the biggest difference between intelligent lighting products and traditional lighting products. Professional intelligent lighting brands are rooted in the field of intelligent lighting, and improve their technical strength through long-term R&D investment to produce intelligent lighting products with a higher degree of intelligence, to bring users a better home experience. Taking Yilai as an example, relevant information shows that as of November 15, 2022, Yilai held a total of 737 published domestic and foreign patents and patent applications, including 68 authorized invention patents and 139 invention applications under review .

Thirdly, professional smart lighting brands continue to optimize services to enhance users' experience. Experience is a very important part. While continuing to strengthen technical strength, professional smart lighting brands also pay special attention to user experience, and continuously optimize user experience through various methods. For example, Yilai is continuing to lay out offline stores so that users can experience smart lighting products in person. Not only that, each store of Yilai is equipped with lighting designers, store managers, and construction engineers, who can provide customers with a series of services such as debugging and installation of smart equipment products.


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