LED landscape lighting market is expected to exceed 150 billion in 2020

Lighting engineering refers to the use of natural light or artificial lighting systems in indoor spaces and outdoor spaces such as roads, squares, scenic areas, parks, buildings, etc. to meet the illuminance, brightness, and color rendering of illuminated surfaces through specific design, technology, and engineering And specific visual effects. Lighting engineering involves disciplines such as optics, electricity, aesthetics, architecture, and computer science. It is a comprehensive and systematic project. The lighting engineering industry is a typical technology and capital-intensive industry.

LED landscape lighting market is expected to exceed 150 billion in 2020

In recent years, the core technology of China's LED lighting products has achieved great development, and the gap between it and the international level has been continuously reduced; LED lighting products have been widely used in urban landscape lighting, road lighting, and commercial lighting, and the application technology has become mature; The market for LED lighting products continues to expand and application scenarios continue to increase. LED lighting has developed into the mainstream of the lighting industry. At the same time, the promulgation and implementation of the national green lighting project and related policies directly promoted the rapid development of the LED lighting market. LED lighting products will maintain a strong development momentum and gradually and even completely replace other existing lighting products.

With the continuous development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the domestic LED lighting engineering market has maintained rapid growth. According to data from the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R & D and Industry Alliance, China's LED application industry market size has reached 608 billion RMB in 2018, while LED landscape lighting accounted for 16.50% of the LED application industry market size, and the LED landscape lighting market size reached 100.320 billion RMB. The year-on-year growth rate is 26.01%, which is higher than the entire LED application market. It is expected that the LED landscape lighting market size will exceed 150 billion RMB in 2020.


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