Road lighting upgrades in many cities across the country

Recently, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province has launched a road lighting energy-saving renovation project, and Sichuan Panzhihua has also started a road functional lighting project.

Road lighting upgrades in many cities across the country

Shijiazhuang City Performs Energy Saving Renovation Of 12 Street Lighting Facilities

According to reports, recently, the Shijiazhuang City Urban Lighting Management Office of Hebei Province has carried out energy-saving renovation projects, carried out energy-saving renovation of 12 street lighting facilities such as Jiantong Street, strengthened lighting energy-saving control, and provided more efficient lighting for the city.

It is reported that during the renovation, the original 1161 high-pressure sodium lamps and electrodeless lamps were replaced with LED environmental protection and energy-saving light sources with high brightness, good color rendering, and low energy consumption, in order to better improve the lighting efficiency of road lighting and promote the city. Lighting green energy saving steps.

Panzhihua Expressway exit to urban road functional lighting project officially started

According to reports, the functional lighting project for the road from the Panzhihua Expressway to the urban area of Sichuan officially started on November 8 with a total investment of 8.42 million RMB.

The project will replace and upgrade the functional lighting facilities of roads such as Jinjiang Expressway Exit, Longmi Road, Chenjiabangkou Tunnel to Bassiao Tunnel, Bingren Line 49 Overpass, etc. The dismantling cannot meet the illumination requirements 742 bases of solar street lights with severe light decay, newly installed 390 bases of street lights, laying more than 20,000 meters of cables, all projects are planned to be completed before the Spring Festival.


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