LED light strip in the proper use of home decoration

  Currently LED lights in the home decoration more and more widely, using LED lights for lighting more and more, LED light bar is the LED (light emitting diode) are arranged according to certain rules and then package them together, add some water processing component products. So you know how to properly use it?

LED light strip in the proper use of home decoration

  1. LED light bar is not available when installing push, squeeze, pressure on the LED light bar device, so as to avoid damage to the device, affect the overall results.

  2. LED light bar tilt cable (including without connecting thread) with glass glue fixed to prevent shading.

  3. LED lights when the power cord access, you must first four lines or three-point line with the corresponding three groups of four or LED light bar is connected. Should play after power line into a large knot to prevent them from being vigorously pull off the outside.

  4. LED light bar spacing requirements can be adjusted according to the brightness of each square distribution is best controlled at 50 to 100 groups.

  5. without waterproof LED light strip, should prevent rainwater from entering.

  6. LED light strip power outlet serial port number of groups not to exceed 50 group, otherwise the end LED lights because of voltage attenuation, resulting in decrease in brightness. Although the formation of the loop to avoid the occurrence of decay, but not too much should be connected LED light bar.

  7. When installing LED light strip, require double-sided adhesive or wood glue, the LED light bar slot and the plastic base plate firmly paste. When using double-sided tape, you must fight together with glass, plastic, or prolonged exposure to outdoor sunlight, the LED lights will cause shedding.

  8. LED light bar low voltage input, so absolutely do not undergo the power and direct access to 220V, otherwise it will create a whole LED light bar burned.

  9. Switching power supplies are regulate the output voltage based on LED light bar feature, in the course of the voltage regulator are not free to rotate button.

  10. LED for switching power supply. Power can only moisture, not waterproof, so do the waterproofing measures required external power supply.

  11. In order to prevent the cable easily detached from the line seat, seat design barbed wire, if inserted inconvenience should quit reinsert it. Must confirm that the cable is firmly seated, otherwise it will cause future loss.


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