Liaobu transformation of 8777 LED Street Light

  It is reported that a total street Liaobu 12500, due to some street lights installed earlier time, and for the use of LED lights. In early 2014, the town was founded liaobu LED lights transform the leading group, officially launched in May renovation project, after a four-month renovation, south of Beaulieu Road, Beaulieu Road, north of the town, such as the transformation of sections of the street are changing LED lights on.

Liaobu transformation of 8777 LED Street Light

  The new upgrade of LED lights compared with the original lights, energy saving 70% or more, life is six times the original sodium lamps, but also brighter than the original street for more than 50%. By upgrading, currently the town's 12,500 streetlights liaobu are LED street lights.

  It is reported that all members, October 10, organized by the Centre Municipal Water Technology Office, the procurement center, financial center trial, Congress Office, Town Office and other assets, LED street reconstruction project leading group for the transformation of the 8777 new LED road inspection and acceptance.

  After on-site inspection, the town LED street reconstruction project leading group agreed that the overall transformation Liaobu better LED lights, light intensity, the saving rate in line with the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection standards.


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