LED lighting and OLED lighting analysis and comparison

  Now, LED lighting luminous efficiency of 110 lumens per watt (lm / W), while commercial OLED products reach up to 60lm / W; On the cost side, LED technology costs almost $ 5 / thousand lumens (klm), OLED is about 350 USD / klm, which shows the two technologies in the development of lighting applications, there are still some significant gaps. Thus, OLED technology is bound to use its non-glare lighting, lamp size can be bigger and flattening of the unique advantages to successfully seize the lighting market place.

 LED lighting and OLED lighting analysis and comparison

  Compared to the standard LED and other light sources require shade cover glare, may cause vision loss problems, OLED light source is not required to provide lighting shadowing is also developing another lighting future; addition, OLED can be using many different combinations of materials and structural styles in luminous efficacy significant jump on the opportunity.

  Manufacturers have now OLED drive current by increasing the ways to increase efficiency, but at the cost component life will be shorter; Meanwhile, by the series stacked OLED structure also enhance the luminous efficiency, such as two different structures in the stack during sedimentary together, with the same current drive will produce nearly twice as strong light. Thus, the relevant industry may choose a lower current drive stack type OLED panel, you can produce the same luminosity and increased reliability, increased to overcome the current problems affecting the OLED lifetime.

  Luminous efficiency considerations other than cost and technical differences, if OLED and LED fully meet the same standards, it will be a great achievement. Generally, commercial LED products are guaranteed life of 20 to 25 years, OLED is only 5 to 10 years, largely based OLED materials erode some of the speed faster than other materials, the color will change, which in some industrial or automotive application is unacceptable.


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