LED lighting applications into the interior lighting times

  2013, LED lighting applications into the interior lighting times, the next three years will usher in a great indoor applications of LED lighting era, will be the LED lighting industry golden period of development. CSC research report also that, LED outbreak has come, "in 2012 in mainland China, although the overall LED output value reached 205.9 billion yuan, of which 159 billion yuan, but the downstream end application belongs, accounting for 77.2% By 2015, the global LED lighting market will reach $ 44.2 billion, a penetration rate of 38.6%. "

 LED lighting applications into the interior lighting times

  The past two years, LED lighting products, prices fell more than 30% per year continued to decline, hindering LED large-scale promotion of the price disadvantage is waning. Currently in the terminal market, whether dealers or consumers, for the acceptance of LED lighting products has improved significantly. This also indicates that, LED lighting in the terminal period of explosive growth in the market truly arrived.

  LED lighting market demand, the end consumer acceptance gradually, for the LED lighting industry, these are undoubtedly positive signal. In this context, deepening the terminal channel construction has naturally become the focus of LED lighting manufacturers work. From the second half of 2012, "channel construction" has become a very hot topic. According to industry studies show that although the 2012 domestic LED manufacturers to take channel mode revenue accounted for less than 2 percent, but in the past two years, LED lighting manufacturers have started a channel layout, while also accelerating the transformation of traditional lighting manufacturers to consolidate their own pace channels.


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