LED lighting will become the global industry

  In 2012-2016, the global industrial LED lighting market will have a compound annual growth rate of 49%, a key factor in this growth market for energy-efficient lighting, rising demand, while also witnessed the government and the public sector for energy-efficient LED lighting products, large-scale use. However, LED limited heat resistance, but also on the growing market poses a challenge.

 LED lighting will become the global industry

  Now, the global industrial LED lighting market is dominated by several major vendors occupy, including Cooper (Cooper Industries plc,), Cree (Cree Inc.,), Dialight plc,, Digital Lumens Inc.,, Emerson Electronics ( Emerson Electric Co.,) and Royal Philips (Koninklijke Philips Electronics NV)

  For this report, an analyst said: Globally, as a means of controlling the implementation of energy waste, LED lighting is more areas accepted. World governments have carried out many street reconstruction plan, with LED lights to replace existing halogen, incandescent and fluorescent lamps. Because of the high demand for lighting, spot lights are commonly used in sports stadiums, and now LED lighting systems have gradually been replaced. Therefore, LED floodlight applications in penetration, is considered the world's industrial LED lighting market in the future to have a lot of profit causes.


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