LED lighting companies focus on laying out educational lighting

In the face of the new market "window", a group of leading companies have been focusing on the layout of educational lighting, and the educational lighting industry chain has shown a trend of blooming. Light environment solutions, and strive to seize the "commanding heights" of the market.

LED lighting companies focus on laying out educational lighting

ENELTEC Electronics has a deep precipitation in the field of healthy lighting. The full-spectrum classroom healthy lighting it has launched includes two schemes of violet light chip excitation and blue light chip excitation, each of which has its own advantages.

Hongli Zhihui began to lay out the field of educational lighting many years ago. In the packaging sector, Hongli Zhihui Group Guangzhou Branch focuses on research and development, continuously improves the performance of lamp beads, and launches a full range of HR5, HR6, and solar spectrum products to meet educational lighting requirements. In the lighting sector, Liteya Lighting, a subsidiary of Hongli Zhihui, adopts Hongli Optoelectronics brand lamp beads. On the basis of strictly implementing the national educational lighting standards, it adheres to the concept of quality first and service first, and provides schools with customized, Personalized products and services.

Mulinsen has been vigorously developing healthy lighting, and has made effective attempts in the field of educational lighting. At present, the educational lighting scenes that Mulinsen has launched, including air, temperature, humidity, light, noise and other almost all external environmental factors, can realize one-stop automatic adjustment.

In the educational lighting market, Signify not only provides UV-C ultraviolet disinfection products that highly meet the needs of campus epidemic prevention, but also provides overall solutions for the specific needs of educational lighting. Combining the Interact intelligent lighting system solution, Philips eye protection blackboard lights and Philips eye protection classroom lights, and Philips upper air UV-C ultraviolet air disinfection equipment, it brings more and more comprehensive value to the campus.


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