LED lighting performance in chicken farm

Most LED lights for broilers, which has recently applied pullets and broiler breeders attempt. Early results show the two chicken broiler for the same effect with good after applied.

LED lighting performance in chicken farm

Located in Mississippi in a broiler farm a year ago to house all four of HPS have been replaced with LED lights. The move to make electricity savings of $ 1500 per month.

Flocks LED lamp production targets and under high pressure sodium lamps and non-discriminatory. This farm use 10 watts of 2700K non-dimmable LED bulb, above the cages were installed 10-foot long two lights, in the middle of the cages above the crack also installed two lights. Again, pullets and breeders farmers tend to use open LED lamp 2700, while broiler farmers tend to use 5000 Kelvin LED lights.

However, the US Department of Agriculture A recent study indicated that at three different LED light source (a different brand 2700 opening and two other bulbs brand bulb 5000 Kelvin) broiler body weight increased, and incandescent under chicks compared to no difference in blood physiological parameters. This may explain the three LED light source can replace incandescent lamps in commercial poultry, under the premise does not affect the physiological indicators of reduced energy consumption and improve productivity.

In the United States and Canada, the federal government's Environmental Quality Incentive Program and local government savings plans to encourage producers to incandescent energy-saving LED lights. If possible, you can use these programs to give appropriate incentives.

But in many cases, the waiting list is very long, once the sign, you need to wait a long time to turn. Get into the saving plan eligibility may need a farm energy audit report, it would be an additional expense. Thus, more and more farmers to choose their own replacement bulbs save electricity immediately, instead of waiting for subsidized savings plans.

In the long run, even if not to join the savings plan to buy their own light bulbs, LED replacement lamp is a wise choice. Within a year, LED lights can be offset by savings in electricity purchase expenses. LED lights and most have at least a three-year warranty period, some brands also provides a warranty period of up to five years.


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