Chinese exports of Saudi Arabia LED lighting Products

2015, China's exports of Saudi Arabia LED lighting product type, not stated lamps exports reached $ 35.53 million, representing an increase of 37.4% over the same period in 2014, the export value accounted for 40.7% of total exports. Exclude products not listed lamps, flat light to exports of $ 11.8 million ranked No. 1, it is 2.7 times that in 2014 exports, accounting for 22.8% of total exports has been listed products. Light Bulb bars and exports were $ 995 million and $ 5.25 million, an increase of 110.7% and 53.9% compared with the same period in 2014. From the growth point of view, the product growth rate of about 63.6% rise in the state, which Grille, aquarium lights and lights in a state of rapid growth, the growth rate of over 2800%. About 36.4% of lighting products in the growth rate decreased, lighting, street lights, garden lights advertising lights and other outdoor lighting in the growth rate decreased state.

Chinese exports of Saudi Arabia LED lighting Products

By 2015, the number of China's exports of Saudi Arabia LED lighting products enterprises reached 881, an increase of 25.3% (703 companies) year on year compared with 2014. 2015 China's export enterprises in Saudi Arabia LED lighting products in 2014 compared with 731 new companies, there are 553 to exit the Saudi market, new enterprises is 1.3 times the number of firms to exit.

Orders from the point of view, in 2015 a total of 3744 orders, the minimum order amount of $ 1, maximum order amount of $ 748,000, the average amount of each order of $ 23,000. 72.9% of all orders in the order amount is less than the average order of $ 23,000.

From the cross-analysis product type and export business point of view, China's exports in 2015, Saudi Arabia LED lighting product types, flat light exit the maximum amount of Yi Hua Enterprise Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., and its exports of $ 1.93 million, accounting for 16.3% of total exports flat lamp; lights export companies for the maximum amount of Auckland Foshan ceramic Building Materials Co., which exports 1.55 million US dollars, accounting for 15.6% of total exports light bar, 2014, compared with growth of 252.5 percent year on year; ball bulb maximum amount of the export enterprises in Guangzhou Chi Teng trading Co., Ltd., and its export value was about $ 498,000, accounting for 9.5% of total exports bulb; down light highest exports Jiangmen Vodafone companies for Import and export Trade Co., Ltd. which exports $ 1,129,000, accounting for 23.1% of total exports down lights.

By 2015, China's exports of Saudi Arabia LED lighting products brand "unlicensed" and "default" exports amounted to $ 47.76 million and $ 32.91 million, its exports accounting for respectively 54.7% and 37.7%, accounting for 92.3 of the total of both %. The exclusion of "unlicensed" and "default" categories of the brand after brand are set out in the export value INTERLIGHT ranked No. 1 for about $ 986 million, accounting for about 14.6% has been set out of total exports. Secondly ELITE, PHILIPS and Blue Panorama for $ 730,000 to $ 607,000 and $ 607,000 ranked second to four. Export growth from brand analysis available, INTERLIGHT, NATIONSTAR, ELITE and SPARK brands such as exports grew rapidly, growth rates of 2955%, 359%, 348% and 106%.


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