LED plant lighting becomes standard for smart plant factories

In recent years, smart plant factories have become popular. By adjusting LED lights, moisture and nutrients, crops are moved indoors from outdoors, providing the best growth environment for plants, and efficiently combining LED and agricultural technologies to build smart plant factories. 

LED plant lighting becomes standard for smart plant factories

In addition to providing a suitable growth environment for plants, LED lighting can also accelerate their growth rate and increase their nutritional value, while avoiding environmental interference. For those countries where the climate is not suitable for plant growth or the land is limited, plant lighting can be said to be One of the best choices.

According to industry forecasts, plant lighting will begin to be mass-produced in the next three years. On the one hand, it has benefited from the enhancement of the Chinese market consumers’ concept of “no pollution, health and safety” for agricultural products, and the improvement of their consumption capacity; on the other hand, unlike the past LED plant lighting companies self-built and promoted, more channels like Jingdong and other large platforms Continuously strengthening the resource integration of the upstream supply chain, e-commerce platforms including Taobao and Tmall are also strengthening the development of self-operated businesses.


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