LED prices push LED agricultural lighting

LED prices push LED agricultural lighting

The vast majority of animal and plant growth are inseparable from exposure to sunlight on Earth, but in different areas and at different times, sunlight supply is limited and there is a difference, to avoid the light cycle, there is still a lot less light the situation, therefore artificial light patch in the growth of plants and animals in the light came into being. Prior to LED technology, mainly rely on high-pressure sodium lamps, fluorescent lamps and other light sources, but such traditional sources of energy in the spectrum is very flexible, and because of the diversity of different species of plants and animals artificial light requirements may be different, so artificial application development slowly fill light.

In recent years, the rapid development of LED lighting technology. In addition to efficiency, and other aspects of life than conventional light sources has great advantages, LED tremendous flexibility in spectrum space, time, space and scale, creating a LED fill light in plants and animals on the great prospect. Meanwhile, in recent years, LED technology continues to improve, luminous efficiency and other rising prices quickly fell, pushing the substantial progress of LED lighting for agriculture.


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