LED stage light color performance improvement methods

Currently more mature technology is the realization of white LED blue LED + yellow YAG phosphor manner, the original yellow and blue light used to excite the phosphors are excited produced after complementary and produce white light.

LED stage light color performance improvement methods

The basic structure in which the LED is an electroluminescent semiconductor materials, its spectrum emitted depends on the choice of semiconductor material properties. The color temperature of the light source is determined by the spectrum of LED and phosphor.

Thus, in the process for dimming white LED light source does not cause significant changes in the color temperature by current modulation. This feature white LED at a higher color temperature stability requirements occasions such as film shooting scene was greatly welcomed.

In more emphasis on artistic expression stage of the occasion, for a long time to use stage lighting fixtures with halogen lamps are characterized when the stage lights were slowly fades when dimming, light color and color temperature of the light source will produce the corresponding changes, indicating that the relative spectral radiation energy distribution have changed.

For example, tungsten-halogen light down from the nominal voltage value, variation of optical parameters are: brightness and color temperature decreases, the color gradually changes to red light direction, and vice versa, if the operating voltage push up the brightness and color temperature will increase light yellow color from red to white gradient. As our sun rises every day, Eastern horizon orange sun appeared, and at noon, the sun becomes a white disc.

In stage lighting application process, such use patterns and habits can easily show live scenes and emotions, and thus meet the physical needs of the heart and the gaffer and the audience. This demand for light color performance white LED light source poses a challenge.

According to the characteristics and shortcomings of white LED light source lighting technology, through research proposed a RGBW color mixing light source and is supported by PWM control algorithm of the mixing system, thermal design and the secondary optical design based on the LED light basic lighting performance to stage lighting requirements for personnel.

For more stars RGBW color mixing technology, light color uniformity, it can’t meet the simple combination of the optical light color uniform. We need a breakthrough in optical technology.

To improve the lighting performance, from a performance and cost compared RGBW light source module on the market, and ultimately determine the use of a special light source.

Light sources W (white) section, select a color temperature 3000K general color rendering index Ra≥85, 300W total power close to a variety of colors of RGBW LED light source evenly distributed within a circular area of ??less than 20mm, the light source to solve the problem is after the light color performance improvement basis.


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