Note that the thermal power LED lamps fades

"Hot light fades," is one of the characteristics of the LED device, when the temperature rises above a certain value, the luminous efficiency of a sharp decline in whole or in severe cases lead to premature failure LED. Therefore, good thermal design is to ensure that high-power LED lighting performance and life of the necessary conditions.

Note that the thermal power LED lamps fades

In practice, it should be used with heat pipe technology-based thermal design, heat pipe technology enables rapid heat transfer to the aluminum fin heat sink, with the silent axial fans will quickly discharge heat generated in LED work.

Since the light output of high-power LED chips mostly Lambertian distribution, 50% of the light intensity angle of 120 degrees, can’t meet the professional stage lighting with light requirements.

Stage Lights requirements for light control, different beam angle for lighting have different requirements, so the need for a second LED optical design. The main advantage of the optical elements required to efficiently change the LED light intensity distribution, so as to achieve lighting design requirements.

For the use of remote spotlight, requiring 10% of the light intensity to a small angle of about 10 degrees.

Such as front lights used in medium-sized theater, general illumination distance of 30 meters or more, usually used condenser performance is very good telephoto plano-convex spotlight, so that both can be a good condenser, but also make effective control of stray light.


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