LED street light lightning surge protection technology and related standards

The importance of lightning protection is determined by the concept of investment payback period. As the led street lights than the traditional street lights about twice the price, the government at the beginning of the purchase of a larger amount of investment, so the need to save money in the operation of the process to gradually cost to earn back, therefore, LED lamp life is very important. If the led street lights have not earned back the cost of the investment recovery period is broken, but also need to spend money to repair, repair the cost of labor to pay more than double when installed. Thus, in the LED era, to achieve LED power, save money, you need to ensure that its life can meet your expectations, that is, long shelf life of the product. To achieve cost savings, to ensure that the investment recovery period is not damaged, you need to pull the reliability. This requires the led street lights plus lightning protection module, in order to achieve economic maximization.

LED street light lightning surge protection technology and related standards

China has been doing energy-saving lamps, the definition of the street lamp specifications are usually brightness, light angle, light color, power consumption and other visible indicators, and often ignore the mine that an invisible indicator. Not only the United States and Europe and other countries, in fact, high mine countries, such as Malaysia, India and other countries have long been established to require local street lights through a set of lightning testing standards. As the domestic only Hainan, the Pearl River and other coastal cities of the mine is more serious, and most of the inland areas are much better. Thus, the relevant standards have not yet been introduced.

US three mine standards

In the United States issued in 2015, the national standard, has launched a three-level lightning protection standards, as shown in Table 1. The reason is the three grades, because the United States of America tribal thunder situation is quite different, high thunder area can reach 30 to 40 times, while the low mine area is only 1 to 2 times, and thus made three grades of standards, respectively 6kV, 10kV and 20kV. This is also to the lighting manufacturers and local governments a flexible, local governments can decide according to the actual situation to use the appropriate standards.

The relevant domestic standards to be developed

There are similar standards in the domestic communication base station. As early as ten twenty years ago, the phone is about to begin when the base station lightning has been related to national standards. As the base station is mainly set on the roof or tower, so the impact of mine on the base station will be great. And because of the large differences between China and the north and south, coastal and inland environment differences are also larger, and the street is basically the local government to manage their own, the provisions of the specifications, tender, supervision, maintenance, etc., and therefore still no phase off standard introduction.

With the recent needs of the relevant highlights, the domestic 2017, 2018 has been led street lights mine related national standards in the review, as shown in Table 2. With reference to national standards in the world, if the drive power module meets only the fourth level (line-line 2kV, line-to-ground 4kV), it will not be sufficient to cope with the lightning surge threat that outdoor lighting may face. It is recommended to use a higher Lightning protection level, and the use of lightning protection module.

Although the lightning protection module itself can provide lightning protection for the led street lights, but at the same time itself has its own risk. When the lightning protection module aging, will occur in the internal overheating reaction, and even fire. In other words, the lightning protection module in the last minute will have the risk of fire, as shown in Figure 2 is the lighting manufacturers due to lightning protection device aging after the device. Thus, the safety of the lightning protection module is a very important concept, the installation of lightning protection module is a concept, the installation of a safe lightning protection module is a further concept and challenge.


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