Malaysia installed 100,000 LED street lights

Asian Development Bank, ADB said it was determined that it would purchase 100,000 LED street lights, set up a PPP model, installed in state of Melaka, Malaysia, and integrated a digital networked lighting control system with an initial budget of $ 50 million, Malaysia in 2020 to reduce carbon emissions 40% of the target in the relevant part of the plan, there are already related manufacturers ready to cut into the project market.

Malaysia installed 100,000 LED street lights

In order to make up for the shortcomings and shortcomings of BOT model, PPP (Public-Private-Partnership), which is currently developed by the market, has been affirmed in many countries, that is, the cooperation between public government departments and private enterprises. New and easy to understand is the success of U-Bike. The original type of the PPP model is similar to the construction mode of the Egyptian Suez Canal in the 19th century. In modern times, it is a cause of public service such as prison, electricity, running water, street lamp, traffic and public area. It is suitable for operation and construction using PPP mode.

Headquartered in Manila, the Asian Development Bank, which will be held at the 50th anniversary of December 2016, is currently signed with the Malaysian Government, Malacca Green Technology and related units to promote Melaka Road Lighting, which will be private Capital investment in this project, and purchase suitable for LED street lights lamps. Asia-Pacific said that this business model applied in the green energy industry on the success, will promote the other markets in Asia to copy this experience.

It is expected that this will help more LED street lights to open more markets in Asian countries in a more appropriate way, and has been more mature LED street lamp products and intelligent networking lighting control system, will be the cornerstone of such projects. Although the average cost of a street lamp may be only $ 500, but because of the large and more mature technology, it is expected that there will be many manufacturers to participate in the project.


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