Lumileds launches breakthrough lighting platform technology LUXEON Fusion

According to foreign media reports, Lumileds, the world's leading LED lighting equipment manufacturer, has announced the launch of its breakthrough platform technology, LUXEON Fusion, which offers unprecedented white lighting options while simplifying the manufacturing process.

Lumileds launches breakthrough lighting platform technology LUXEON Fusion

LUXEON Fusion combines the needs of many tuning technologies, including warm dimming and dynamic adjustment of human lighting (HCL), color temperature range from 1,800K to 10,000K, with high color rendering index (CRI) (95% CRI for products) More than 90) and high color fidelity. Customers who previously relied on different solutions to achieve the desired lighting performance can now take advantage of LUXEON Fusion platform technology, which integrates white light options, warm dimming performance, SKU reduction, and dynamically adjustable white light illumination; this single The solution is designed to achieve large-scale adoption.

Steve Barlow, senior vice president and general manager of Lumileds Lighting, said: "LUXEON Fusion is designed to provide color adjustment for large-scale adoption in all indoor lighting environments, as the technology is in the dynamic tuning range down to 1,800K. Provides low-light and warm-light consistency at color temperature, white light illumination options, high efficiency and consistent light output."

At the same time, LUXEON Fusion has taken a big step toward the development of human lighting (HCL). When designing lighting for hospitals, restaurants, offices, or retail locations, designers often want to adjust color temperature or program them on-site to achieve an all-day adjustment of lighting levels to cope with changing environments. The Lumileds Matrix platform can customize LUXEON LEDs and Advanced Technologies on the substrate according to the manufacturer's specific requirements. LUXEON Fusion can easily integrate a variety of wired and wireless [Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI), digital multiplexing (Digital Multiplexing (DALI)) DMX) and Wi-Fi, etc., to achieve various on-demand adjustments.

Matt Everett, senior director of integrated solutions for the Matrix platform, said: "In the past, white light tuning was limited. For example, it could not be adjusted along the black body curve or the black body curve, and this range can achieve vivid colors." LUXEON Fusion can be programmed This range of tuning.

LUXEON Fusion's first applications include downlights, spotlights, recessed ceiling luminaires, and modules for linear applications, enabling system efficiency and color stability comparable to LUXEON LEDs. Greg Tashjian, senior director of R&D at Lumileds, said: "Compared to standard dual or triple LED solutions, we have increased LED utilization by 25% to 100% and achieved consistent light output over the tuning range. It is the performance that customers value and that are difficult to achieve with other color adjustment systems."

A clear advantage of LUXEON Fusion is the ability to achieve more efficient luminaire development. For example, CCT luminaires with 2700K, 3500K, and 5000K color temperatures, each with a specific light engine and SKU, can now be applied to all luminaires and can be used at a later time, even after the luminaire is installed. Related color temperature) is set. Another use involves a high-impact retail environment where companies choose their iconic CCT and create the same shade for all stores worldwide.


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