Marseille Lodrome becomes France's largest 100% LED illuminated stadium

Global lighting leader Xin Nuofei provided LED equipment to Marseille's Orange Velodrome, making it the largest 100% LED stadium in France. Velodrome is home to Marseille Football Club, with 67,000 seats. Through the connection of Xin Nuofei's intelligent connected sports lighting system Interact Sports, lights, sounds and animations can be integrated into one, allowing viewers to enjoy a new immersive lighting experience.

Marseille Lodrome becomes France's largest 100% LED illuminated stadium

Based on the latest standards of the International Sports Federation and the Broadcasting Company, Philips Arena Vision professional sports lighting LED floodlights installed by Xinuofei are installed on the stands and on the court, providing first-class stadium lighting and light performances to arouse the fans to watch enthusiasm. The LED technology meets the flicker-free requirements, allowing fans to see all match details in high definition even at home.

On the court, fans can enjoy real-time capture of player movements and emotions, as well as playback in super slow motion. In addition, it centrally controls the Interact Sports system and software through a dashboard, which provides greater flexibility for stadium managers and greatly improves stadium management efficiency.

"The Philips Arena Vision professional sports lighting LED flood light is connected to Xinacti's intelligent connected lighting system Interact Sports, providing a unique tool for Marseille fans, spectators and citizens of Marseille. With a new sound system, create an unforgettable match. Experience. This brings a sense of immersion to the stadium and resonates, excites, and pride in the audience. The first test with the fans was very successful, and the lights highlighted their creativity and movement. We welcome their ideas to make Marseille and The club has the highest reputation, "said Thierry Aldebert, the deputy general manager responsible for the club's operations.

In terms of ecological protection, Xin Nuofei intelligent connected lighting system also has long life, high flexibility and easy maintenance at the Velodrome stadium, which helps achieve the goal of sustainable development of the stadium. With Interact Sports software, the lights in the stadium can be adjusted to suit different sports and entertainment activities.

"We are particularly proud of our cooperation with the Velodrome Stadium, where fans and spectators can enjoy a light show synchronized with music. The system's long life and convenient maintenance features can greatly improve durability, thereby supporting the stadium to achieve Its sustainable goals. In addition, we also signed a 15-year service contract to ensure the continuous performance of lighting equipment. "Said Thomas Bozek, general manager of professional channels of Sino French France.

Through this investment, Verodrome has once again demonstrated its determination to become one of the world's most recognized and future-oriented organizations and venues for large-scale sports and entertainment events.

Lighting equipment includes 316 Philips Arenavision LED flood lights for stadium lighting and 60 Philips Arenavision LED flood lights for stands lighting. All floodlights are controlled by the Interact Sports system.


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