Xinuofei supplies LED fishery aquaculture lamps to Chilean enterprises

Global lighting leader Xin Nuofei was selected as the main supplier of underwater LED lamps by Chilean aquatic company Australis Seafoods for its marine fishery farm. Based on its commitment to sustainable development, Australis, a fishery company, chose Xin Nuofei as a partner to further enhance its corporate social responsibility.

Xinuofei supplies LED fishery aquaculture lamps to Chilean enterprises

"According to the United Nations report, nearly 90% of marine fish around the world are facing transitional fishing. Fish stocks need to be protected through sound policies and regulations and responsible fishing practices." Bill Bien, the head of Xinuofei ’s global agricultural lighting department, said, "Our LED lighting technology can help Australis Seafoods improve salmon production efficiency on ocean farms, increase food conversion rates, reduce food costs, and reduce disease."

Xin Xinfei's underwater lamps provide more than 100,000 lumens of luminous flux, simulating summer daylight. Fish will better digest food and help grow (better food conversion rate) in summer, so the demand for fish food will be reduced, which will reduce costs and protect water bodies. These lamps dive into 5 meters of water to attract fish, significantly reducing the possibility of infected sea lice.

Xin Xinfei's Philips aquaculture LED lamps were first installed at Aurallis' Moraleda Fishery Farm in Essen, Chile. After learning about the excellent performance of growth and food conversion rate, Australis decided to ask Xin Nuofei to upgrade his entire farm. In addition, this move also helped the production of Moraleda fish farms top the company's rankings, and won the best title in the 11th Regional Fishery Farms 2019 list by Skretting, the world's largest fish feed company .

Australis Seafoods is committed to sustainably serving the market with fresh, high-quality salmon. The company keeps an eye on the environmental conditions and population conservation of salmon and trout, especially the Taconian population from Chile. Australis's philosophy is to maintain the sustainable development of an industry is the responsibility and long-term commitment of each practitioner.

Atlantic salmon are very sensitive to changes in the light cycle (sunlight duration) and sea water quality. Atlantic salmon are especially in the freshwater and saltwater metamorphosis period. Xin Nuo Fei has been serving the Chilean salmon industry for many years. With its innovative light cycle system, it helps control light and optimize salmon production.

TraAustralis installed Xin Nuofei's photoperiod system on most fishery farms in the 11th area of Eisen, and will gradually expand to the 12th area of Magellan.

"Xinuofei is an innovative representative of the development of Chile's marine fisheries in the field of lighting. After comparing and selecting different schemes, we have listed Xin Nuofei as our main lighting supplier for fisheries production." Australis Seafoods Maintenance and Architecture Deputy Manager Lucas Correa said.

"By actively embracing new technologies, Australis has achieved innovation and improvement. Especially in its production area, they are the industry leaders in our hearts, always curious, and make decisions based on analysis and practice. We believe that our two parties are committed to sustainable fisheries. The commitment will lay the foundation for a good cooperation relationship. We have formed a team with Australis to provide efficient logistics and operational support to help improve the production cycle. "Weiwei Lian said.


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