Matrix LED headlights become trendy

Matrix LED car headlights (Matrix LED Headlight), it is a car headlight assembly, a matrix (Matrix) is arranged LED light source, and gain control.

Matrix LED headlights become trendy

Each matrix composed of a LED light source are independently lit, off or dimmed. LED light source fitted together within a matrix, it is possible for the area in front of the variable, precise lighting. 25 LED light source composed of Matrix LED Headlight can be achieved on the one hundred million kinds of lighting in the form of combination, only need to control the brightness of each LED light source can be opened and closed, do not rely on traditional mechanical mechanism, matrix LED headlamps has inherent light quantify the advantages.

Camera captures the environment condition of the vehicle running ahead, and through Matrix LED Headlight transmitted to the control unit, after its arithmetic operations, decision-making status of each LED light source (light and dark opening and closing).

In the car with the car and will be, you can quickly determine the location and operational status of the front of the vehicle, and accordingly close in the matrix corresponds to the LED light source so that the illumination area in front of a car decreases before impact to avoid car / driver for the cause Danger. Meanwhile, the current car to leave this area, Matrix LED Headlight will respond quickly lit LED light source within the matrix corresponding to increase the illumination of the region, to improve the irradiation distance, enhanced driver's field of vision driving.


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