Why we need LED explosion proof lights?

During choosing lights, we have to separate the explosion hazardous areas with non-anti-security zones, once using a common fixture in explosion hazardous locations, the consequences would be unthinkable to use, because most of the area is a region or even 0 area, explosion-proof luminaires extremely strict requirements, mostly above requirements flameproof explosion-proof rating. Most of the outdoor area. Requirements lamp has a good waterproof anti-corrosion performance, while many regional and even hundreds of meters to a few meters altitude area, high temperature and pressure, lighting maintenance extremely difficult and dangerous, inviting lighting maintenance-free function.

Why we need LED explosion proof lights?

Currently enterprises to adopt a mainstream fixture for the configuration mortgage self-ballasted mercury lamp explosion-proof fluorescent or configure increased safety explosion-proof fluorescent existence: Explosion levels low, poor water resistance, maintenance workload, low efficiency light source, in particular light source life is short, poor security, frequent replacement, maintenance of large, high-altitude and more. When there is an electric shock, high altitude falling accident, it is a major manufacturer of electrical industry security risks.

The advantage of LED explosion-proof lightings are listed below. 

1, the safety performance: in line with the national authority has explosion-proof standards, in full accordance with the national explosion-proof standard. It has excellent explosion-proof, anti-static properties. It can work in a variety of flammable and explosive safety.

2, energy-saving performance: LED light source, low energy consumption, high luminous efficiency, power consumption is only 20% of the same incandescent lamp luminous flux breaks through the traditional tungsten light efficiency of low-defect, with energy efficient features.

3, environmental performance: white LED light, soft, no glare,  the eye does not cause visual fatigue workers. Good electromagnetic compatibility will not cause pollution to the power supply.

4. Performance: transparent housing parts are made of tempered glass of high hardness, high transmittance, good impact resistance, can lights work in a variety of harsh environments.

5, easy to use: unique LDO driver circuit to ensure LED module 100,000 hours working life. User-friendly product design, customers can choose different lighting situations to adapt the operating voltage.


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