Micro LED transparent display landed in Taoyuan Aquarium

The innovative application of Micro LED transparent display has made another breakthrough. The transparent display has landed in Xpark Aquarium in Taoyuan.

Micro LED transparent display landed in Taoyuan Aquarium

Now you only need to gently wave your hand at the Micro LED transparent display, and the fish specimens in the deep sea will come alive and have a unique interaction with you. With the strong support of the Bureau of Industry of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan, collaborated with the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute and Dream Animation on Tuesday to release an "extremely transparent" and "high-brightness" transparent display, and officially introduced the deep-sea fish specimens in Xpark Aquarium, Taoyuan. display area.

Nitron Technology, established in 2014, is a leading manufacturer of Micro LED technology. It is not only committed to the development of innovative technologies and products, but also actively promotes the application solutions of various Micro LED displays in the daily life of the public.

Its 9.38-inch transparent display has the world's highest resolution (114 PPI) and a transparency of up to 65%. Coupled with the ultra-high brightness greater than 2000nits, the characteristics of Micro LED are brought into full play. This time, after digitizing the deep-sea fish specimens of Xpark, combined with the interactive interface, tourists can inject vitality into the specimens by waving their hands to the transparent display. .

In response to new trends, the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute stated that the Industrial Technology Research Institute proposes 2030 intelligent enabling technologies for the development of the next generation of industries. With the assistance of the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, big data, and AI artificial intelligence technology, the Industrial Technology Research Institute will use the Industrial Technology Research Institute for trial production. Online development of mass-producible process technology, speed up the implementation of innovative products, so that there are more possibilities for the development of various innovative applications, join hands with the industry to promote industrial upgrading, accelerate industrial implementation and innovative applications through cross-domain cooperation, and seize the next generation of new Business.


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