Nameplates have been posted on 2,256 street light poles on 23 main roads in Jiulongpo District, Chongqing

Recently, many citizens in Jiulongpo District of Chongqing City found that there was a yellow label on the surface of the light pole when passing by the street light pole, which clearly marked the road name, street light number, maintenance unit and service phone number. In order to further standardize the management and maintenance of urban street lights, the Kowloon District Urban Management Bureau will follow the requirements of "one pole, one code" for street light poles that are newly handed over, newly renovated, or reinstalled due to defects or have not yet been installed with street lamp nameplates within the maintenance area. Update and post street lamp nameplates. The newly posted street light nameplates have eye-catching colors, clear markings, are easy to read, and can be recognized at night.

Nameplates have been posted on 2,256 street light poles on 23 main roads in Jiulongpo District, Chongqing

According to Liu Zhen, a street lamp specialist at the Zhongliangshan Management Office of the Urban Management Bureau of the Kowloon District, the yellow nameplate posted this time is made of a reflective paint material with good corrosion resistance, and it basically does not fade when exposed to the sun and rain.

"Each number on the nameplate is unique, just like the exclusive 'ID card' of street lamps. We will collect and register them for inquiries. With this code, street lamp failures can be accurately located when repairing, and maintenance workers can find the location of the fault as quickly as possible, and repair it in time." Liu Zhen said that in addition to facilitating unified management and maintenance, the street lamp nameplate also facilitates the elderly and children who do not have smartphones to find their location and seek help.

At present, the 2,256 street light poles of 23 urban arterial roads in the Kowloon District, including the northern section of Huafu Avenue, Hualong Avenue, Huayu Road, Longmenzhen Avenue, Huafeng Avenue, and Dongshan Road, have completed the posting of nameplates, effectively helping citizens identify roads and street light information, further improving the efficiency of street light inspection work and the level of refined management.


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