Nanshi Locomotive Regular Inspection Station signs changed to LED lamps

Tainan Municipal Government's Environmental Protection Bureau this year promoted the replacement plan for locomotive regular inspection stations. It subsidized the regular inspection stations to replace traditional lamps with LED lamps. A total of 221 Nanshi companies participated in the transformation and completed the replacement. In addition to providing appropriate lighting, Reduce electricity consumption by more than half. It is expected to save more than 10,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity consumption and reduce 5 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

Nanshi Locomotive Regular Inspection Station signs changed to LED lamps

Mayor Huang Weizhe said that in order to address the energy use of merchants and reduce signboards, the municipal government team conducted a survey of the merchant's environment and improvement of signboard equipment without affecting the business operations, and improved the energy efficiency of service providers in order to achieve the energy-saving and image of residents. The multi-faceted project objectives of upgrading and livable sustainable cities; also showing Tainan's determination to respond to climate change and greenhouse gas adjustment, hoping that more operators will respond to expand the benefits of power saving and improvement operations.

Environmental Protection Director Lin RMBzhang said that the Tainan Locomotive Inspection Station is the first line of service provided by the Environmental Protection Bureau for the people. It has always been the gatekeeper of environmental protection and air quality. This year, it will benefit from the replacement of signboard lamps, which can also be used as energy saving and carbon reduction for businesses. Exemplary to promote energy saving concepts and benefits to the public, accelerate the atmosphere of environmentally friendly businesses, reduce energy waste, and save the burden of purse. Then implement the vision of building a low-carbon city and become part of corporate responsibility to achieve the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


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