Night view of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center venues

The Asian Games are approaching, and as night falls on the bank of the Qiantang River, the "big and small lotuses" put on "new clothes", with ink and light colors, unique to Hangzhou. Recently, the night view lighting improvement project of the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Venue Group (Binjiang) has been accepted. The light show spanning ancient and modern times has fascinated many citizens and tourists, and they have taken out their cell phone cameras to freeze the scene.

Night view of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center venues

Taking advantage of the Asian Games, Binjiang District continues to promote the "micro-renovation and refined improvement" project of the tourism industry, using "embroidery" skills to finely polish the small environment around the Asian Games venues, carefully creating a community micro-environment, and optimizing the travel and sightseeing experience of citizens and tourists. , and this lighting improvement project is an important part of the "micro-renovation and refinement" work in Binjiang District. Using lights as the brush and the night sky as the curtain, we can fully display the "creation" of micro-renovation, empower the improvement of cultural tourism, and create urban cultural tourism new business cards.

The construction content of this project mainly includes the lighting improvement and upgrading of surrounding areas such as the main stadium of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center (Big Lotus), Tennis Center (Little Lotus) and connecting rivers. The implementation scope extends to Qijia River in the east and Boao Road and Feihong in the south. Road intersection, the airport highway in the west, and the Qiantang River in the north. After completion, it will be included in the municipal-level "one knife" joint debugging and control.

In order to coordinate the night scene effects on both sides of the Qiantang River and further meet the needs of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Asian Games, the night scene lighting has been upgraded and updated to supplement the many obvious dark areas of the building, making the overall projection lighting uniform and soft, and highlighting the core shape of the building. In terms of color tone, the transformation conforms to the image characteristics of large and small lotuses and inherits Hangzhou's natural aesthetics. By refining the silk white of misty rain and the moist green of lotus, the main color of this design is "silk white and moist green". The night scene tone of ink and light colors echoes the elegant and profound humanistic and historical heritage of Hangzhou, conveying the charm of Hangzhou and Chinese style.

The lighting construction of the main stadium and tennis center is fixed in silk white color. The main stadium retains the top lighting to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction and practice the green Asian Games.

Dotted with lights on both sides of the Qijia River, it is full of brilliance. After the project is put into use, the night view of the Olympic sports venues will be further improved, and it will perform wonderfully in conjunction with the opening ceremony of the Asian Games.


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