Zhengzhou accelerates the construction of airport expressway lighting project

Recently, the construction of the Zhengzhou Airport Expressway and its connecting line (Airport Terminal-Longhai Road) lighting project has been accelerated. Through the deep integration of party building work and engineering construction, this project has gathered vigorous power for high-quality development.

Zhengzhou accelerates the construction of airport expressway lighting project

In mid-August this year, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau officially launched the construction of the Zhengzhou Airport Expressway and its connecting line (Airport Airport Station-Longhai Road) lighting project. The total length of the project is approximately 27.6 kilometers, including a new functional lighting system, multi-functional light poles arranged at intervals, a new LED information release system, supporting construction of high-voltage power supply, distribution, lighting control, lightning protection and grounding systems, optical cable laying projects, projects such as relocation of optical cables in the middle subdivision and pipe laying. After the project is completed, it will further give full play to the service function of the airport expressway and the rapid distribution function of the city, improve the convenience of connectivity between the main urban area of Zhengzhou and the airport economic experimental zone, and make a positive contribution to the high-quality development of Zhengzhou's hub economy.

In order to ensure the early completion of the lighting project and benefit the people's livelihood, the engineering project department and the temporary party branch were established simultaneously. The party branch fully absorbed outstanding party members from the construction unit, construction and supervision units, united all parties involved in the construction, and "focused on the project." "Party building, do a good job in party building to promote projects" work idea, so that there are party members in key positions of project construction, there are party members when facing difficulties, and there are party members who attack key problems.

Since the wall map operation, the main leaders of the Municipal Urban Management Bureau have gone deep into the front line to coordinate and solve more than 20 key construction issues such as traffic protection, demolition and renovation, greening, and land. The party branch has effectively combined the technical strength of party members in the construction, design, and construction units to focus on engineering technology and construction. Carry out technical research on difficult points, adjust the design plan according to the on-site environment, focus on bridge street light installation plans, overcome problems such as large slopes and complex geological structures, and effectively transform party-building achievements into high-quality construction results in project research.

So far, the project has completed the excavation of 9,392 meters of low-voltage cable trenches, the laying of 21,700 meters of cable pipes, the laying of 19,800 meters of communication pipes, the excavation of 792 street lamp pile foundations, the pouring of 500 pile foundations, and 130 street lamp inspection wells. In the power supply and distribution section, 14,200 meters of high-voltage cable trench excavation, 8,130 meters of cable protection pipe laying, and 5 box-type substation foundations have been completed. As the Double Festival approaches, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau gives full play to its leading role in party building and works overtime to strive to light up the airport expressway as soon as possible.


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