Opple Lighting reached a cooperation with Luohu District, Shenzhen

On August 18, Shenzhen Luohu District held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony with Opple Lighting.

Opple Lighting reached a cooperation with Luohu District, Shenzhen

According to the content of the cooperation, the two parties explored the establishment of a "1 (Luohu District Government) + 1 (Opple Lighting) + N (ecological partners in related fields)" cooperation model to jointly create a smart low-carbon lighting industry ecology with global influence and leadership. The specific content is as follows:

Give full play to Opple Lighting's true color light technology and end-to-end full-link solution capabilities; take advantage of Opple Lighting's "ecological light" patented spectrum and cutting-edge technology advantages; take advantage of Opple Lighting's 5G Galaxy IOT platform and smart multi-function pole technology product advantages; Industry leader in smart low-carbon lighting advantages; established educational lighting environment research laboratory to apply and promote SDL advanced technology.

Next, Opple Lighting will plan to land in the Greater Bay Area headquarters in Luohu, establish Opple Lighting Greater Bay Area operation center, design center, R&D center and exhibition center, and introduce ecological partners in related fields. The two parties will promote smart low-carbon lighting technology and economy Deep integration of social development, exploration and formulation of smart low-carbon lighting industry standards, lighting up the new business card of Luohu smart low-carbon lighting city.


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