Optimistic about micro & mini LED Magna and Rohinni establish joint venture in the US

Unique, high-performance lighting products are increasingly becoming "necessities" for car manufacturers and major travel companies. Magna's electronics division has established a joint venture with Rohinni to produce ultra-thin micro LED lighting solutions. Compared to other lighting products including OLEDs, ultra-thin micro LED lighting technology has higher brightness, lighter weight and higher energy efficiency.

Optimistic about micro & mini LED Magna and Rohinni establish joint venture in the US

The joint venture company is named Magna Rossini Automobile (Note: Rosini is a transliteration of Rohini), located in Holly, Michigan, USA, and controlled by Magna. The joint venture company exclusively enjoys Rohinni's innovative lighting technology, which is used in the transportation industry and combines Magna's first-class electronics manufacturing expertise.

HinRohinni's thin-film micro LED and mini LED technology can be applied to almost every field, creating unlimited possibilities for differentiated product design. In addition, Rohinni has developed how to mount micro LEDs on the surface of substrates and meet the needs for speed and accuracy in large-scale mass production. This technology gets rid of the tedious traditional LED manufacturing technology, and the joint venture will be able to provide micro LED and mini LED products to the market faster and more cost-effectively.

“Our employees are extremely excited to establish a joint venture with Magna,” said Matthew Gober, CEO of Rohinni. “Magna brings a global brand to this collaboration, Operating footprint, rich automotive market resources and technology application experience. "

Hin Rohinni's leading micro and mini LED technology has great potential for application in different industries and a bright market prospect. Magna bought a small stake in Rohini at the same time as the joint venture.

"Our joint venture with Rohinni uses ultra-thin, flexible and variable lighting technology in the field of transportation, which is the first in the industry," said Swadomi Cartergi, CTO of Magna. Manufacturers, emerging travel companies, major lighting product suppliers and Magna's Product Division will all benefit greatly from this collaboration. "


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