OSRAM provides LED lighting solutions for large soccer stadiums

2016 European Football League European Football Championship (also known as the "European Cup") is held in France, many fans around the world are its flock. The global event is expected to attract more than 200 million viewers, and watch the final audience is likely to exceed 3 million. However, to attract potential viewers and allow fans to immerse themselves, stadiums can not ignore the key factor of lighting, because high-quality lighting will bring real-life effects.

OSRAM provides LED lighting solutions for large soccer stadiums

Stadium lighting not only for the players and spectators to improve the visual conditions of the game, reduce the shadow, but also meet the stringent requirements of UEFA and other tournament federation. In addition, ensure that television viewers get the same viewing experience as the audience. If football is really a "beautiful sport", then efforts to give viewers a consistent, realistic visual experience will be critical.

Therefore, the stadium lighting must meet the high light efficiency, high light intensity and flicker-free requirements, but also meet strict TV regulations. These high requirements show that sports stadiums need to abandon the currently widely used high-intensity gas discharge lamp (HID) (HID), in favor of LED to provide more innovative flexible lighting. In addition, the use of the original lighting program, the need for TV video editing, and switch to the LED program is removed after this process, thereby reducing costs, which is a key factor in the replacement lighting program.

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors with years of experience, specifically for partners to develop optimized LED lighting solutions to meet the stadium lighting requirements. OSRAM's well-crafted OSLON Square range of LED products meets the requirements of the TV Lighting (Light Source) Consistency Index (TLCI). These guidelines are designed to ensure that the spectral sensitivity of a television camera is optimized to avoid late-stage color editing, a process often associated with poor lighting. OSLON Square series using phosphor mixture to ensure a very high light quality, the color temperature of 5700K, the color rendering index to almost perfect 90. "As a market leader in Germany, our strength lies in our in-house development, so we are able to meet our partners' highest standards of lighting solutions, such as the use of phosphor blends.

Osram OSLON Square is both reliable and flexible. Even in harsh conditions, this LED can also maintain long life.

OSRAM is committed to continuous improvement of LED technology, its OSLON Square LED compact structure, small size, stadiums can thus reduce the cost of construction, significant savings in financial costs. Optimum optical design and a wealth of distribution options give the product great flexibility, and innovative product concept is to achieve a modular product, can be adjusted according to need, well to meet customer needs.

LED performance is critical to major events such as the European Cup and to any sporting event in the stadium. 2WOSLONSquare introduced different versions, corresponding to different color temperature, according to the venue to select the specific circumstances of the lamp.

If the multiple LED closely arranged together, the lumens can reach an incredible 130000lm (color temperature 4000K, CRI 80), and even reached nearly 100000lm (color temperature 5700K, color rendering index of 90). OSLON Square meets both consumer demand and the most demanding TLCI integrated high-definition playback requirements, which require the light source must not flicker to ensure high-quality output of the screen, which is particularly important for slow motion playback.

In view of its high level of visual clarity, there is no doubt that OSRAM Opto Semiconductors LED is expected for the future of many sports events to provide lighting.


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