GAMA Street lamps use Oslon Square LED chips

GamAaluminium has a wealth of experience in the production of aluminum heat sinks, and now she will use these experiences in the design of a very good thermal conductivity of the new street lighting. This "GAMAStreet" uses OSRAM Opto Semiconductors high-quality Oslon Square LED as a light source, not only high efficiency, performance is also extremely robust. In addition, it has a high programming flexibility, which means that its optical output can be targeted according to a variety of application types to optimize.

GAMA Street lamps use Oslon Square LED chips

With its high luminous efficiency and excellent robustness, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors' high-quality Oslon Square LED has been selected as the light source for the new GAMAStreet lamps.

GAMAStreet is made of extruded aluminum ENAW 6060, so the thermal conductivity is excellent. This aluminum has a dual function: on the one hand, it acts as a heat sink for the internal electronics; on the other hand, it reserves sufficient thermal resistance, allowing the lamp to operate stably in hot weather conditions. In addition, its shell is very thin, to ensure that it can easily deal with cross-wind effect, and to help keep the top surface clean.

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors' high-power Oslon Square LEDs are mounted on heat sinks in the replaceable LED modules of the fixture. This light source is very robust, long life, low thermal resistance, which is ideal for street lighting. The low-loss optics that meet ME4 and ME5 lighting grades create the optical properties of GAMAStreet. These components are mounted directly on the lamp body without the need for additional covers which may reduce the efficiency of the diffuser. GAMAStreet has a total system efficiency of 115 lm / W.

This lamp has a high programming flexibility (AstroDIM, StepDIM, DALI and MainsDIM), which means that its light output can be optimized according to various conditions of use targeted. It uses OSRAM Optotronic drive, can provide up to 8kV over-voltage protection in standard mode.

GAMAStreet has a long service life thanks to its high-quality housing and Oslon Square LED light sources. Not only that, it uses silicon sealing technology can achieve IP67 level of protection, dust and water resistance is superb. GAMAStreet combines a well-designed, functional housing with OSRAM electronics, making it ideal for customers who want to implement LED technology with a minimalist solution in a single lamp.


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