Philips introduced new products with DimTone technology

Philips Lighting in Germany, the world's largest lighting exhibition - 2016 Frankfurt Lighting Fair launched its groundbreaking LED new products, including direct replacement of traditional halogen spotlights LED spotlights, the use of traditional switches can easily adjust the color temperature of the LED bulb, And with the LED technology re-engraved tungsten bulb. Philips LED lighting products are high-quality LED light source, life expectancy of up to 15 years [15 years of life is an average of 2-3 hours per day], and can save at least 85% [saving 85% of the energy is relative to 60 Tile incandescent (9W / 60W = 0.15 * 100 = 15%)] energy.

Philips introduced new products with DimTone technology

Remodeling spotlights

Philips LED lighting is the first glass LED lighting project on the market, the series of products and the market is widely used in traditional halogen spotlights have a similar shape, light efficiency and sensory experience, can more easily replace the traditional halogen spotlights. In addition to saving 90% of the energy, the spotlights also offer a variety of power and color temperature options. The series of products equipped with the DimTone technology can be yellow and white warm light into sunset-like red and white warm light. With Philips DimTone technology, users only need to adjust the color temperature slightly, you can immediately change the atmosphere, adjust the mood.

"Through the study we found that the traditional halogen lighting effect has long been popular, and loved by consumers." Philips Lighting LED business person in charge Mahesh Iyer said, "equipped with DimTone technology Philips LED spotlights in saving 90% energy At the same time can be a perfect simulation of the traditional halogen spot lights when the warmer effect of Europe from the second half of 2016 to phase out the traditional halogen spotlights, I believe the market will have a lot of demand for alternative products.

A light bulb, three scenes - seamless docking traditional switch

Philips SceneSwitch LED Bulb is a unique product line. Only one light bulb can create three scenes, easy access to the ideal lighting atmosphere. No need to install additional adjustment switches, press the existing switch on the wall, you can in bright, natural and warm between the three kinds of atmosphere easily switch - no matter which room, you can easily create the ideal atmosphere.

Light to let you see

Philips retro LED bulbs using the latest LED technology, re-engraved tungsten filament shape. People shining bright filament design perfect to restore the characteristics of tungsten filament, when the lights are also beautiful decorate. This series of products using the DimTone technology, you can perfectly simulate the traditional tungsten light when the warm up effect. Philips retro LED bulbs are ideal for creating warmth and decorating rooms.

All Philips LED products, including retro LED bulbs and SceneSwitch LED bulbs, offer a variety of power and include candle lights, lanterns, spotlights and traditional incandescent lamps and other shapes. The above product series will be available in Europe, North America and Asia in the summer of 2016.


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